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From Data Science to Predictive Intelligence

Our unique mix of cutting-edge technologies helps our clients create new value for their activity.

We learn from data by mixing computer science and human expertise to elaborate a customized solution that will help our clients increase their revenues.

This is what we intend for Data Science Performance.

We use cutting edge scientific theories, state-of-the-art technologies, information, human skills, and intuition to confront the world’s most complex problems and find solutions that were once thought to be unaccessible.

The combination of these elements is what makes our unique solution capable of predicting what was previously unpredictable.


Our Algorithms

Covering a full new spectrum of possibilities

Our algorithms are based on the most advanced technologies. They achieve remarkable results through extensive experimentation and are secured by our exclusive proprietary mathematical models.

Our algorithms are specifically trained to recognize conservative and innovative behaviours, selecting from chaos and randomness, catching the result of mutual dynamic interaction.

Our algos are based on the laws of nature. We understand nature by reading and writing in its law and its language: mathematics and physics. These very same laws, such as the ones of quantum mechanics, molecular physics, or dynamical systems theory, are at the very basis of our technology.

Our algorithms finally undergo one of the foundations of nature: the selection and reproduction of the fittest model, thus evolution. Our algos simultaneously use several models which are constantly mutated and exchanged just like in a biological selection process, developing them in a long-term cycle. This new branch of scientific research is taking shape under the name of Evolutionary Algorithms. This process guarantees continuous improvements to Quaternion’s solution over time.



Asset Price Analysis

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to forecast future prices of assets such as stocks, commodities, and more. Its algorithms analyze the price of the assets by taking into account over 250 variables and  provide predictions on different time-frames ranging from weekly to hourly. These forecasts can assist financial institutions in their decision-making process.

Anomaly Detection

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to analyze trader behaviour on financial markets in order to identify potential anomalies. This is useful to assist financial institutions such as brokers or fund managers  to detect anomalies such as layering or wash trades. Such information improves the efficiency of these institutions by providing a higher quality of controls in their compliance monitoring.



Gastroenterology & Microbiome Analysis

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to cluster and analyze the microbiomic signatures, focusing on the microbiome balances in health and disease, and how to maintain or restore a healthy gut microbiota composition. Our belief is that every microbiome is different; thus, the goal is to create tailored treatments to individual genetic mutations and biomic compositions in relation to diet and lifestyle.

Cardiac Analysis

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to determine the classification and staging of structural diseases in the heart by analysing echocardiograms and electrocardiograms. With its focus on cardiac imaging, the goal is to group relevant clinical and imaging information in order to identify new opportunities to better characterize diseases and assist through screening and follow-up.

Drug Discovery

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to detect and interpret features of target molecules, chiefly proteins or nucleic acids that are important in cancer growth, make predictions for new drugs to target those molecules, and help assess the effectiveness of those drugs. The goal is to use the AI to identify novel approaches for creating new drugs more effectively and theorize new drug repurposing and combinations.




Quaternion’s Data Science is used by authorized market operators on both the day-ahead market (MGP/MGAS) and on the Intraday markets (MI) to purchase and sell power & gas. The algorithms analyse the commodity in order to provide predictions which can be used to trade the asset.

Reduction of Procurement Costs

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to forecast possible changes in the production and related future fluctuations in the price of energy. This is helpful for companies to better assess their imbalance exposure, thus improving their risk management. The technology helps firms who need to supply energy when deciding their procurement strategy.

Consumption Forecasting

Quaternion’s Data Science is used to make predictions with regards to energy consumption demands by the market. This information is particularly useful to those firms who need to plan on production and acquisition of energy based on possible changes in demand.



Quaternion's team constantly works on researching new approaches to update and improve the services that the company offers. The added benefit of such research consists of also finding new opportunities in new areas where the company doesn't operate yet. In fact, the best ideas often come from having a wide approach too.



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